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Glad you want to know me!

I’ve always been a people nerd - you’ll often see me in conversations with random strangers, listening to their stories.


Amazed by tech as a teenager, I studied computer science in my undergrad; then felt like I was missing a much-needed human perspective to technology and hence switched to conducting UX research.


I worked as a qualitative UX researcher for a research agency in India for about a year and a half. The best part of working there was being able to conduct research for different clients, with super diverse user bases - from farmers in villages of North India coming online for the first time to tech-savvy software engineers in metro cities. I also explored various research methods and learned how to communicate my research effectively. The more research I conducted, the more I realized how much I didn't know. So, I decided to go to grad school.


Currently, I’m a grad student at the University of Washington, studying Human Centered Design and Engineering. Although I enjoy qualitative research the most, I’m curious about blending it with my previous experience in data analysis to experiment with mixed methods research.

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